Digital Technologies Research Group

St. Pölten University of Applied Scienes

Mission Statement

The research group „Digital Technologies“ focuses on applied research topics in the areas of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) with special competences in the fields Sense & Feedback, Interactive Environments & Workflows and Technology Assessment & Evaluation. Additionally, the research group is capable of rapidly creating hardware and software prototypes for a range of different real-world application scenarios. Currently, the two major application domains of the research group are Digital Healthcare and Digitalization in Industrial Production (“Industrie 4.0”).


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Our Application Domains are:

> Industrie 4.0
> Digital Healthcare


Projects of the Digital Technologies Research Group

Brelomate II

Brelomate – Connecting the Older Generation

Bene VR Pixel Showroom

This showroom uses virtual reality (VR) technology to showcase the Pixel product line and allow the users to interact in new ways with the showcased products.

Cocktail Robot

The cocktail robot project was launched to provide smart engineering students with a real environment for automation

Where you can find us

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University of Applied Sciene

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