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mission statement

The research group „Digital Technologies“ focuses on applied research topics in the areas of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) with special competences in the fields Sense & Feedback, Interactive Environments & Workflows and Technology Assessment & Evaluation. Additionally, the research group is capable of rapidly creating hardware and software prototypes for a range of different real-world application scenarios. Currently, the two major application domains of the research group are Digital Healthcare and Digitalization in Industrial Production (“Industrie 4.0”).


We perform basic and applied research, carry out contract research and conduct consulting projects. Our network in academia and industry includes highly specialized regional SMEs as well as global industrial players and top-ranked international universities. In our R&D projects, we cover all aspects of design science research, a problem-driven approach characterized by the systematic analysis, design, creation, and evaluation of digital artefacts.

© St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences
© St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences


  • Analysis - State-of-the-art Research in Science & Technology Domain and Problem Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies - Concept- and Method Development
  • Algorithm Design, Prototyping & Production - Implementation of Software Prototypes Development of Hardware Prototypes
  • Media Production Evaluation - Comparative Evaluations | Usability Studies & User Testing Controlled Experiments, Field Studies

Application Domains

Industrie 4.0

Modern industrial production combines technical processes and technologies with corresponding business processes.
Our claim is the collaboration among all stakeholders and facilitate new technological developments and innovations in the context of digitization (‘Industrie 4.0’) and thereby to find sustainable solutions to challenges faced by companies and society as a whole.

Digital Healthcare

The healthcare of tomorrow needs the innovation of today. Health experts and technical experts learn to work on a common language. They visualize processes in prevention, diagnostics, therapy or care, and support these by means of media technology. Those who benefit are patients, relatives and healthcare professionals.Under the name of CARMA (Centre for Applied Research in Media Assisted Health Care for Motion and Activity) the UAS St.Pölten has established a centre for applied research in media assisted healthcare.

Research Topics

Interactive Enviroments
Virtual Reality
Technology Assessment
Internet of Things
Augmented Reality
Future of Production
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Industrial partners in research-projects