Projects of the Digital Technologies Research Group

Brelomate II

Brelomate – Connecting the Older Generation


Industry 4.0 is a collective term for technologies and concepts of value chain organization.

Cocktail Robot

The cocktail robot project was launched to provide smart engineering students with a real environment for automation

The digitization of production presents a multitude of challenges for companies, especially Also with regard to changing competence requirements for employees.


Pro2Future as a COMET K1 consortium attempts for next generation of products and manufacturing machinery , with embedded cognitive capabilities so as to perceive, understand, interpret, learn, reason and deduce, and act in an autonomous, self-organized way together with humans.

Enterprise 4.0 bene VR

This showroom uses virtual reality (VR) technology to showcase the Pixel product line and allow the users to interact in new ways with the showcased products.

Enterprise 4.0 +GF+ Asset Tracking

We have setup a Web-application that allows us to query the stored data from the cloud via API and filter the data for relevant information. It gives the user the possibility to either search for a specific object or list all objects in a specific location.


The project investigates the impact of forecast quality and information uncertainty in the information exchange on hierarchical planning. Moreover, with the use of information technologies the improved forecasting tools or demand adjustment methods will be developed